• Ekahi and Karma Have Merged!

    Welcome Karma Students to Ekahi Family!

    We are so excited to announce that two great studios have combined into one "Ekahi"

    All the great things you have come to love about Ekahi PLUS some great new classes such as hot yoga and Pilates! Check out the new classes online.

  • Four for Four for $144

    This amazing deal is available to everyone

    Activates on date of purchase. Sale ends May 31st! This is our four year anniversary sale. $144 for four months is $36.00 a month! UNLIMITED! Cannot be paused and must be paid in full. Sold online or at Ekahi.

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  • Meditation Training Certification

    July 26-29 - OPEN to EVERYONE

    Learn about the history, different types, and benefits of meditation. We will cover many different types of meditation. Learn to lead meditation groups or deepen your own personal practice.

    Sign-up HERE
  • Yoga and Anatomy of the Lower Extremity

    June 9th and 10th - Open to everyone!

    Learn more about the body and how it relates to yoga. Specifically we will examine muscles, bones, and joints of the lower body in various poses. This will be a fun and informative exploration. No experience needed.

    Sign-Up HERE
  • Attention RYT 200 Yoga Teachers!

    Check out the awesome courses coming this summer!

    We are proud to be offering RYT 500 hour training at Ekahi. Learn how this training is affordable (pay as you go) and deepens your learning and understanding of the human body in yoga. First course start in June!

    Sign-up HERE

    We have lowered our rates for punch passes and memberships!

    YES! It is true! Now there is no reason not to make 2018 your year for committing to yoga. We have lowered all our punch passes and memberships to be the lowest in Kelowna! Top notch instructors, friendly environment and best rates. Come see what everyone is talking about!

  • Summer Intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

    July 7-21. This popular training is already filling. Sign-up now.

    YTT 200 hour training with Naresh, Shirley, Brett, and Siri. Focus is on traditional yoga, proper alignment, anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Summer Intensive: July 7-21. This is for anyone who wants to deepen their personal practice or become an excellent teacher.

  • Did you know that you can purchase punch passes and memberships online?

    Go to Memberships and Rates and easily make the purchase.
    Right HERE
Yoga Classes for Everyone!

Yoga Classes for Everyone!

Hatha, Flow (Vinyasa), Restorative, Yin, Gentle Yoga, Hot Yoga, Pilates

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Ekahi Mission

Ekahi Mission

To be your home for healing, learning, and love.

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Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Yes, Ekahi is now offering Hot Yoga. We're not talking crazy hot but hot enough to get a sweat and allow an increase in flexibility.

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Hey Kelowna!  Never done Yoga before?  Ekahi “Ee-kaw-hee” means “one” and we all have experienced something new for the first time.  Come let us show you what yoga is all about and how enjoyable it can be.


What’s in a membership?

  • unlimited classes – meditation or yoga

  • very affordable per class rates

  • free seminars

  • discounts to workshops and training

  • free water bottle and other seasonal items

YES, memberships can be paused during vacation or emergencies.  

The more you attend, the better you will feel!  Don’t believe us?  See out testimonials and ask our members. 


Visit us at 1304 Water Street

Come Give Us a Try: $49.00 for one month unlimited!

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What color is your wave?

Take the quick & easy Ekahi Method Frequency Profile...

The Frequency Profile examines your natural energy and classifies you into one of five Base Frequency Colors: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, or VIOLET. Discover your Base Frequency today! — Click here!

What color is your wave? What color is your wave?

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Find your Spirit Before Finding Your Tribe

It wasn’t until I came to yoga that I heard the phrase, “Finding my tribe.”  When I first heard it used by a yoga teacher, it did not resonate with me, but then again, many “yogaisms” don’t.  For example,...Read More

Ruminating is for the ruminants

Last night over dinner, my brilliant wife Siri suggested how interesting it is that the word “ruminate” means to keep bringing things up over and over again and how this word is exactly what ruminants do with their food. ...Read More
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The Ekahi Method

Ekahi means “One” in Hawaiian. This Method shows you how your natural, Base Frequency, affects everything in your life. You will learn why you naturally “resonate” with some people and why some people are not on your “wavelength”. The Ekahi Method will teach you that these commonly used expressions have a scientific basis. Our measurable, Base Frequency is a wave that interacts with other people’s waves. Sometimes our waves are amplified by other people and sometimes our waves are flattened. Learn to honour your Base Frequency and take control of your life.

To learn more, click the Lulu button below to purchase the Ekahi Method book by Dr. Brett. Buy now for $19.99 CDN.

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About Brett Wade, PhD – CEO of the Ekahi Method

Brett Wade-18 (RC) Dr. Brett Wade graduated summa cum laude from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (Rutgers) with a doctorate in Health Sciences. His area of research was examining health effects related to fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field. He also has a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy. It was while living in Hawaii that Brett began to develop the idea that the one thing that connected us all to living and non-living things were invisible waves. He developed a Frequency Profile which assigned people into one of five Base Frequencies. Brett regularly speaks about the Ekahi Method and teaches people how to harness the power of the their own waves to improve health and relationships.