The word “affluence” comes from the Latin word “affluere” which means to “flow abundantly.”  When most people hear the word affluence they usually think of it meaning an abundance of money, wealth, or property and sometimes it is but affluence is not less about acquisitions and more about the flowing of energy.  Energy is a rather nebulous term but we can think about as the ability to do work or cause a change.  The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed.  Energy interacts with matter and can transform matter.  When anything comes to you, say for example, money, food, clothing, or a vehicle, something transformative usually happens.  All these things are matter (made up of atoms) and they flowed towards you and you transformed them.  If someone electronically transfers you money and then you take that money and spend it on rent or food, you transformed it.  This is a very important act; it is an act of affluence.

To lead an affluent life has nothing to do with the amount of wealth or property but has to do with your ability to keep flowing and transforming matter.  If we choose not to be affluent, we stop the flow of energy and the transformation of matter.  We see this all the time.  How often have you felt insecure about not having enough of something or fear losing something and you hang on tightly – you squeeze it and stop the flow.  As soon as we stop the flow by hanging on, we create stagnation and clotting.  This further prevents flow and you squeeze more tightly and eventually block the flow all together.  A 2015 study by the American Psychological Association found that the biggest source of worry for most Americans is money.  Even people who have money worry so much about it that they hold on to it so tightly that they cease to be affluent.  Eventually the energy moves past you if you don’t behave with flow.  

Everything in nature operates on the same laws.  The way in which molecules of water behave when heated is the same everywhere on the planet.  If we start thinking about material items and money as molecules then we have to expect that will behave the same way as any atoms or molecules anywhere.  It is sensible that if you want experience more of something, you cannot restrict its flow.  Worry is the first step towards slowing the flow.  When we worry and squeeze the flow, energy instead of having the opportunity to be transformed by you begins to flow around you and eventually will pass you by.  It is like a flowing river which follows the path of least resistance until a beaver blocks the flow.  Eventually the river changes its course.  Everything must keep flowing.  There must always be affluence. 

Love is perhaps the most clear example of affluence.  Love is nothing more and nothing less than the affluence of energy.  If we fear losing someone we love, we may squeeze more tightly and eventually the flow stops.  People who fear sharing love for reasons based on past experiences may choose to keep their energy inside and not let it flow.  These acts become a negative feedback loop and the flow of love (energy) ceases and moves on.  Whether it is love or money or material objects, they don’t care about your feelings or past experiences.  Money and love don’t care what you think about it.  They, and all forms of matter, only respond to your actions – your energy.  Let it flow, let it go, and you see that there is a limitless supply of it.  Yes, at times the flow will fluctuate.  Sometimes you will let your love flow or your money flow and sometimes you will hold it back for fear of scarcity of supply but when you remember to be affluent, things start flowing again. 

Have an affluent day,