Big Weekend and Start to Fall Routines

mimi art

Labour Day marks the end of summer and start of routines.  For some it means starting a new fitness routine or returning back to one that was shelved for the summer.  With many people engaged in the learning process this fall, it is a good time to think about finding balance in life.  

Physical balance, mental balance, and emotional/spiritual balance.  Any one of these areas out of balance can lead to increased stress.  It is often easy to overlook a mindful practice as something that can balance all three but it really does.  Regular practice of mindful breathing has been shown to decrease high blood pressure, decrease stress, decrease anxiety and more.  Like many routines, it can often be easier to do it with some support.  The Ekahi Center offers daily classes in yoga as well as dedicated meditation classes three times per week.  

This weekend is our second annual Fall Festival.  This time of the year is the only time of the year we are offer deep discounts on 3, 6, and 12 month memberships.  If you are not sure, it is a great time to try some FREE classes this weekend.  The other big events are: Mimi Moylan Art Show on Sept 12th at 8:00 PM; Alchemy Juice Samples at 2:00 PM on Sat 12th; and the Ekahi Method Health Seminar on Sunday Sept 13th at 2:00 PM.  We are adding new classes to our schedule.  Sign up on-line or drop down and see us this weekend.  You will see why We are Nice!