The Cat Came Back…an Unbelievably True Story.

As many of you  know, Siri and I are cat people.  I don’t mean crazy cat people but we just like cats.  We also like dogs (so dog people can stop feeling offended) but with our busy lives, cats are a little bit more independent.

A couple of years ago we adopted two Bengal kittens.  Very cute kittens which we named Django and Ella.  We only had them in our old house a few months before we sold our house and moved out into the suburbs on the edge of wilderness.  Django and Ella were outdoor/indoor cats and we were immediately warned by our neighbours that the cats wouldn’t last a month before being taken by the coyotes in the area.  We scoffed and thought, “Not our cats – they are Bengals!  They are basically wild and can look after themselves in the wild.”  Within a few months, sure enough, our male went missing.  We were distraught.  We placed ads everywhere and strangely, we received numerous calls from people all over the valley saying they saw our cat.  One time we were sure our cat Django was found only for it to be a cat of close resemblance.  The lady who had the cat pleaded with us to take it any way as she hated cats.  We obliged and adopted this cat.  He summarily also disappeared and we were back to our one female cat Ella. 

We decided that we would have this one cat Ella and that would be it.  Ella seemed content to be the queen of the house again and we all settled into the mold of a one cat family.  Well, about two months ago, Ella also disappeared. For the first few days we frantically put up posters and ads on websites but in the back of our minds we knew she was likely gone too.  How could this have happened?  Three cats gone in a matter of months and all disappeared without a trace.  Siri and I had barely finished grieving when I had a strong urge to have another cat but this time, an indoor cat.  On Friday, we adopted a beautiful, yet very shy four year old Abyssinian cat.  We spent this past weekend getting to know her.  We left for work this morning with our new cat having the run of the house to explore.  Just as we were readying to head home from work today, a call came to Siri’s cell.  It was the micro chip organization through which we registered Ella and Django.  They told us Ella had been found and is at the SPCA!  We stared at each other in disbelief.  We went home got the cat carrier and kept our emotions in check in case it wasn’t her.  But it was.  

Amazing!  Two months later she was turned in as an abandoned cat on the Westside of Kelowna.  Approximately 30 kilometers away and one long bridge.  She certainly didn’t walk there.  We suspect some heartless person picked her up and took her to their home.  They likely tried to make her an indoor cat and realized the impossibility of it.  The howling of a Bengal could drive a person mad.  At the SPCA, Siri and I wept as our little Ella was back in our life!  The cat came back!  Of course, at the exact time we adopt another beautiful cat.  

Wish us well as we try to introduce two of the most wild, domesticated cats on the planet.  This could only happen to us.