Wonderful Week at Ekahi

Hi family, An end draws to an amazing week.  We welcomed some new family members and had some lovely outdoor classes and some great meditations.   Bike to Work Week was a tremendous success.  We want to be back...Read More

Featured Instructor Sonia Thompson

May is continuing to delight our senses in the Okanagan.  Beautiful spring flowers are already giving way to the verdant greens and thick foliage that will carry us through the summer.  The broad leafy deciduous are providing nice shade...Read More

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy May!

Yes, it is a happy month.  Thank you to family member Cherie for loaning me this great book called the Happiness Advantage.  You can really tell that the cobwebs of spring are starting to clear.  From my vantage point...Read More

Bike to Work Week May 25-29

We are happy to announce that the Ekahi Center is a platinum sponsor of Bike to Work Week 2015!  On each of the mornings from Monday, May 25th through to Friday, May 29th, we will have our tent at...Read More

Satasangs, Ho’oponopono, and Mindfulness

Now that title is a mouthful!   There seems to be a lot of confusion out there with what exactly mindfulness is.  I teach a forgiveness meditation called Ho’ponopono.  The Hawaiian word essentially means to forgive and reconcile.  In...Read More