Celebrating the end of 2015


Every time New Year’s Eve rolls around, I find myself saying almost the same thing, “Where did that year go?”  In fact, does anyone ever say, “Wow!  Did that year ever go slowly!”  2015 was a busy year for the Ekahi Center.  We celebrated our first birthday in July and now we are celebrating our second New Year’s Eve.  We have experienced tremendous growth this past year.  We are continuing to add more classes and our whole family is really knitting together well.  Siri and I are so proud of our family of instructors and our new manager Azaria. Without a doubt, we have the best team anywhere!  

2015 also saw our first offering of Yoga Teacher Training.  We are so proud of our graduates.  They are extremely well trained and have an unparalleled depth of knowledge in areas such as alignment, anatomy, asanas, pathology, and rehabilitation.  We are looking forward to our next offering starting February 20th.  This past year was also a busy year with exceptional workshops and seminars offered at the Ekahi Center.  We were delighted to offer workshops led by awesome instructors such as Naresh and Shirley, Alexandra Pony, Therese Laforge, Rhonda and Troy, Sandra Bradshaw, Judy Holt, Kate, Swami Kenananda, Joanne Van Ee, and Lama Karma Yeshe.   2016 is starting off with a bang.  Check out our amazing workshops starting this January.  

2016 will also see the official launch of our VIP card.  We are partnered with some local business who are giving discounts to our six and twelve month members.  Now, besides getting yoga for about the price of a cup of coffee per day, you get discounts to local business, the Grand Spa, Physiotherapy, as well as discounts on our workshops.  Showing more love in 2016 will be our Family Appreciation Night.  Live music and homemade food by Brett and Siri will be coming at the end of February.  

We look forward to helping all of you reach your wellness goals for 2016.  Deep thanks for helping make the best little studio in Kelowna shine so brightly.

Best of health and happiness in 2016,


Brett and Siri