Ekahi Center

“A stunning  yoga studio in the beautiful cultural district of Kelowna.” 

“Ee-kaw-hee” means One in Hawaiian.  The Ekahi Center is different.  We offer a wide-range of classes: hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, Bikram Yoga, and Pilates.

Everything is provided- mats, towels, props, filtered water.  

The Ekahi Center was founded in 2014 by Dr. Brett Wade and Siri Marken.  In June of 2018, the reigns were passed over to new owner, Dusty Warawa.  


The Studio

The Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness is over 1500 sq.ft. with two rooms.  The flooring in the entire space is covered with cork and all the walls are covered with a no VOC paint.  Drinking water is available from our Brita Hydration Station.   All soaps, lotions, and mat and board sprays are made by us using 100% natural products.  



 The larger room (Makai) has the capacity for approximately 24 people and the smaller room (Nalu) has the capacity for 12. 

There are two unisex, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and a unisex locker room with two more sinks.  



Unique to the Ekahi Center is a Wi-Fi screened room. 




 The Area

Located at 1304 Water Street in heart of the cultural district, the Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness is on the Delta Grand Okanagan Properties.  The area has two adjacent parking lots and metered street parking is available (Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM)

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