Ekahi Center

“A stunning boutique yoga and health studio in the beautiful cultural district of Kelowna.” 


An interview on local television with Brett and host Joel Young:


“Ee-kaw-hee” means One in Hawaiian.  The Ekahi Center is different.  The studios are small, intimate, natural, without mirrors, and eco-friendly. The classes are small and our instructors pay attention to each person and gently guide them through their practice. If you have never done yoga, you have nothing to fear.  You will have a wonderful experience- this is our guarantee. If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you will have a deepening of your yoga experience.

Everything is provided- mats, towels, props, filtered water.  Each person is encouraged to dress how they feel comfortable.

Our doors never close, even if there is a class in session, please feel free to enter. Our lovely front office staff will answer all your questions, and help you to choose the best classes and instructors for you.  We have an unbeatable offering of classes and instructors for: yoga, meditation, and fitness.  Some of our instructors are skilled with beginners and others are right for the more advanced practitioner.  

The Center is founded on The Ekahi Method, a health method based on the extensive research of co-owner Dr. Brett Wade.  The owners are both long time health professionals and college educators, and are passionate about knowledge, health, and mindfulness.



The Studio

The Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness is over 1500 sq.ft. with two rooms.  The flooring in the entire space is covered with cork and all the walls are covered with a no VOC paint.  Drinking water is available from our Brita Hydration Station.   All soaps, lotions, and mat and board sprays are made by us using 100% natural products.  



 The larger room (Makai) has the capacity for approximately 20 people and the smaller room (Nalu) has the capacity for 10 yoga participants and 15 in meditation.  Our patented, indoor stand-up surfboards are an option for a class with the extra dimension of challenging balance and core stability.



There are two unisex, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and a unisex locker room with two more sinks.  



Unique to the Ekahi Center is a Wi-Fi screened room. 




 The Area

Located at 1304 Water Street in heart of the cultural district, the Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness is on the Delta Grand Okanagan Properties.  The area has two adjacent parking lots and metered street parking is available (Monday-Saturday, 9 AM-5 PM)

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