Ekahi Center Frequency Profile


To complete the Frequency Profile, you will be measuring two important physiological aspects of yourself: heart rate and breathing rate.  Make sure to take your heart rate and breathing rate when you are at rest and preferably lying down and relaxed – such as just before getting out of bed in the morning.

You will then answer seven additional questions, which relate to your natural energy.  Answer the questions as you think of yourself in a period of stability (not necessarily how you feel right at this moment.) If you are having difficulty answering any of the questions, it is a good idea to also ask someone who knows you very well.  Ask them how they would answer these questions for you.  Sometimes others perceive us better than we perceive ourselves.

How to measure your heart rate

Take when fully relaxed for at least five minutes.  Have a watch or clock where it is easy to see the seconds or second hand.  Find your pulse by feeling either your radial pulse on the wrist or the carotid pulse on the side of your neck.  Lightly press on either pulse until you can feel the pulse under your index and middle finger.  Look at your watch or clock with a second hand.  Count the number of beats in sixty seconds.  Record this number in the frequency profile under the Resting Heart Rate section check the column that fits your range.

How to measure your respiratory rate

The resting respiratory rate is found by counting the number of times your chest rises in 60 seconds.  At rest and lying on your back, place your hand on your chest and count the rises of your chest. Record this number in the Frequency Profile™ under the Resting Respiratory Rate section and check the column that fits your range.

Resting Heart Rate:
(beats per minute)
Resting Respiratory Rate:
(breaths per minute)
Sleep Cycle
Daily Energy
Words that describe You
How you process new information
Your metabolism
Activity and exercise preference
Environment preference

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