Expanding Consciousness Leads to Discovering Spirit

The sense of your spirit, or consciousness, only becomes apparent when you develop the gap between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.   The conscious mind is the here and now- it is present moment thinking. The subconscious mind is habits, emotions, memories, and reactions. It is the “gap” between these two minds where the spirit exists.

By developing an awareness of the separation between the two minds, you develop the space for consciousness to exist and to grow. In other words, you grow to know and develop your spirit. The more you expand the space between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, the more apparent your spirit becomes.  You gradually become aware that spirt does not exist in the mind, or in any one place, but is everywhere and in every cell of your body.  It is only through the separation of two minds that you can begin to experience it. 

Spirit or consciousness is not matter.  It is energy; it is light.  It is the energetic wave produced by matter but it is not matter.  This energy is subtle.  It is not easily measured by the equipment we have today, but it can be sensed. We can learn to sense other spirits, too.  By expanding the gap between the two minds, we become more and more aware of the field of consciousness giving rise to spirit.  We realize that this space created is consciousness, and that consciousness is spirt. 

We then become aware that our emanating field of consciousness is connected to all other spirits – differing only in vibration.  We see that our spirit is vibrating out, and is transmitting and receiving the waves of all other spirits.  We realize that we are not alone.  We are all connected to each other, and all other spirits, in this universe and other multiverses. 

As we continue to expand our consciousness, we realize that we are not who we think we are, or we are not who we thought we were.  We are spirit, which is energy, which is information.  We are a vibrating field of information contained over many lifetimes.  We begin to realize that our only purpose is the sharing of the information contained in the vibration of our spirit.  We do this not by words but by extending our spirit outwards.  This, by definition, is love, “Extending your spirit out to help another spirit.” 

As a physical form, we do not matter.  As a spirit, we are not matter.  

We exist to love one another.  We will eventually realize this in this lifetime or another.   Nothing else matters.  Every ascended master, prophet, or sage realized this before physical emancipation.  Love is all there is.  Energy is love and spirit is energy.  

It has always been with you; waiting for you to open the gap for consciousness to allow the spirit to flourish and gain power. Before any of this can happen…we must create the gap.  Witness the difference between your chattering mind and your conscious mind.  When you perceive the difference, the gap begins to open and spirit begins to shine. 

Patience is required in the process.  Keep practicing expanding the gap by witnessing the two minds.  With practice, the gap opens wider and awareness of true self begins.  You realize that you are not your ego, or your hairstyle, or your waist size, or your bank account – you are a spirit.  You are energy.  You are not alone.  You are here to share your information.  You are here to love.