Featured Instructor Sonia Thompson

May is continuing to delight our senses in the Okanagan.  Beautiful spring flowers are already giving way to the verdant greens and thick foliage that will carry us through the summer.  The broad leafy deciduous are providing nice shade for the outdoor yoga classes at Ekahi Center.  As Teresa mentioned in the last newsletter, we have a new workshop coming on June 6th from 3-5 PM with Kate Young, RHN.  Kate will be discussing the effects of Adrenal fatigue and what you can do about it.  

We had a great turnout to Clay’s Kindness Connection Workshop a couple of weeks ago.  We are looking to bring more workshops like that in the future.  If you have a suggestion for a guest speaker or presenter at Ekahi Center, please pass their name on to Teresa.  

The final class for Yoga Clinics for the season is next Monday.  I will be leading the session focused on the topics of mindfulness and self-regulation.  Sign-up online under yoga clinics or call the Ekahi Center at 250-763-7603.

See you next week at all the Bike to Work Week Stations!  

We have a new instructor at Ekahi Center and her name is Sonia.  Sonia is a fantastic teacher from the SOYA lineage.   Sonia is a fantastic instructor for those who have been intimidated to try yoga or want focus on structural foundation for the Hatha asanas.  In addition to the Hatha classes she teaches on Wednesday morning at 9:30 AM  and Monday at noon, she will be teaching the Candlelight Restorative on Wednesday nights starting in June.  

Here is Sonia’s bio:

Sonia warrior

I first met yoga years ago, and I fell under its spell almost immediately.
I practice yoga for the balance, the energy and the strength it brings me. Over the years, I have turned to my practice to cope with stress, grief and pain. My practice has also been a strengthening, celebratory outlet for me as well. I teach yoga because I love sharing all of these benefits with others! My classes are designed with a focus on alignment and mindfulness, and I aim to leave my students with a feeling of balance, bliss and renewal.