Finishing Chapters and Starting New Ones

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Life can be seen as a book in which you often don’t realize you were the author until the end…or the end of a chapter.  Recently, we sold our beloved Westfalia camper van.  We owned it for approximately six years and had many great memories camping on the Sunshine Coast and all over the Southern Interior.  The chapter of these vans is actually much, much longer than six years.  I bought my first van in Hawaii in 1998 and have owned four in total.  At one time, I owned two at the same time!  As legend has it, my first word was “bokeswagen” as said by my four-month old self when a Volkswagen bug rumbled past our truck.  This is the first time in nearly twenty years that I have not owned a VW van.  I drove home the other day to the empty spot in the driveway where she used to sit and a tear welled up in my eye.  My kids noticed and said, “Dad, are you crying?”  “Nope…just…umm…allergies,” I replied.  They didn’t buy the lie.

It has been a couple of weeks now and I realize that this is the end of an era;  the end of a chapter.  Like somebody who recently lost a pet, I was wrestling with the idea of quickly buying another one to assuage my pain.  For the first time in a long time, I waited for the pain to pass and I realized that this was an opportunity to write a new chapter!  I have many exciting things already being written for this next chapter: I am getting married (finally), I completed yoga teacher training, we are settling into our new home, I am nearing the completion of my second book, and many more exciting things.  This chapter, like all chapters, will have its share of challenges and pains too but there is nothing I like more than change.  

A friend of mine said something interesting to me the other day during lunch as I was explaining how I balance my three jobs with family time and self-care.  He said, “You don’t really know who you are…do you?”  I was taken aback but I could see why he might think that about me.  He hasn’t read the entirety of my book so far.  He has no sense of the themes and the threads that tie it together and he has no sense of what my lie ahead but I do.  

What is the paragraph you wrote in your story today?  

Happy writing,