Forgive your humanity

Part of the trade-off living with our well-developed brains and sense of consciousness is the fact that we know when we have made mistakes.  Other animals with consciousness also likely experience feelings of regret and shame.  I don’t imagine when the bee stings somebody that it thinks, “Oh shoot, now  am going to die.  Why did I do that!  Why could I not resist the temptation!”  Consciousness gives us a sense of who we are and a realization that our time is not permanent.  Part of being human is knowing you will make mistakes and you will experience feelings of regret and shame.  Accept the fact that making mistakes is part of being human.  

One of the great things about having consciousness is knowledge that you can make amends.  When you make mistakes, ask for forgiveness from those you may have hurt but also forgive yourself.  In our weekly Ho’oponopono class we move on the heavy energy that is sitting deep within our hippocampus.  We ask forgiveness of others or ourselves.  The supportive group assists in the movement of the energy.  It is a truly transformative process.  You cannot move on until you forgive yourself or ask forgiveness of others.  This does not have to be face to face.  This process can work very well using visualization.  

Start today by forgiving yourself and if you are curious about Ho’oponopono, mention this article and join us for a FREE class next Sunday.  The only thing you have to lose is that big anchor tying you to your past.