Happy International Yoga Day and Father’s Day and Solstice

Lots to celebrate today!  We had a busy week at Ekahi.  The hi-lights were: Small Shop at Night Free Classes, Swami Kenananda, and YogAlign workshop.

We welcomed dozens of new family members into Ekahi with amazing deal on Small Shop at Night.  The Free classes were well attended and Swami Kenananda packed the house!  Everyone who attended the Swami’s meditation and pranayamas was very happy.  Swami Kena was very approachable and down to earth.  We look forward to having him back again soon.  



Joanne Van Ee led an interesting workshop called YogAlign on Saturday.  It was well attended and everyone left remarking how they felt taller!  We look forward to having Joanne do a follow-up workshop as she tells me she has lots more material!  

Happy International Day of Yoga.  It is great to see so many people from all walks of life finding the benefits of yoga.  Remember that yoga and meditation, just like any activity, is a practice.  Some days the practice will seem to flow with ease and other times not.  The important thing is to keep practicing!  

Happy Father’s Day!  I have been quoted recently as describing becoming a parent as my most proud accomplishment.  I feel very fortunate to have a great seat to witness the development of my fascinating children.  


Happy Solstice Day!  Whether you are spending it under a pyramid, on a mountain top, or at your home, it is always great to acknowledge the longest day of the year.  

See you practicing at Ekahi soon,