Intention and letting the source handle the details


Last week I wrote about how in comparison with my younger self, I now lead a life with no control.  Of course I don’t mean I live a life without direction or intention but I realize that trying to control every variable in my life is not only futile but does not permit mindfully experiencing all the moments in life.  When you put a death grip on every decision in your life, you fail to see all the beauty which surrounds you and is you.  

Leading an intentional life means that you make your intentions known to the universe but be prepared that the outcome or direction may different than you planned.  Making your intentions known can be thought of as uploading the idea or desire to the universe and allow the universe to make the computations, taking into account all the variables before offering you “best possible outcome” version of the intention.  Nobody can know all the ramifications and infinite variables that will be affected with your intention.  The source of all knowing and of all creation is the only power capable of seeing the whole picture and can take into account past, present, and future actions.  

Meditation or prayer is a powerful, source-accessing modality.  When our minds are quiet we can tune into the source.  After a period of connecting with the source, we can then release our intentions.  After the upload of intention, there is nothing to do other than lead a mindful life.  By mindfully paying attention to our environment, we see the pathways open before us.  We intuitively know that this a step in the best direction that was created for us by the source.  

If you are looking to learn how to meditate or practice mindfulness, the Ekahi Center offers several meditation classes every week.  Come join us and we will work together in becoming more intuitive and intentional beings.