Let Go


Recently, after a Ho’oponopono class, a friend came up to me, looked me in the eyes and said, “Can we meet privately, I have something important to tell you.”  It has been my experience that when someone says something like that, you make time and listen.  

We went into the other studio and he proceeded to tell me about the vision he had for me.  He said, “In your private meditation you need to go to the bottom of the ocean and speak to the Rainbow Lady who lives in a shell.  She is a guide for the Haida Gwaii and the Hawaiians.  She has something important to tell you.”

After the tingles left my body, I ran back to the meditation room to start a meditation.  I got myself seated comfortably, closed my eyes, and prepared to dive down and meet the Rainbow Lady.  I swam around the ocean for a long time but could not see her.  Arriving back home later that afternoon, I tried another meditation to find her but again, no luck.  Sensing my slight frustration, my wife intuitively placed a conch shell in front of me and told me to try again.  I dutifully listened and went back into my meditation.  

Within seconds, I plunged through the depths of the crystal blue, warm water, and saw the beautiful shell resting on the sandy ocean floor.  Upon reaching the shell, a welcoming hand was extended and the Rainbow Lady guided me inside.  She led around the Golden Mean swirls of shell until we reached the middle.  We popped up into an air pocket.  Her captivating dark eyes looked into mine and she opened her mouth, ready to tell me what I needed to hear.  She carefully articulated to me five simple words, “You Need to Let Go.”  I sat for a few seconds in front of her, slack-jawed, waiting for more but that was it.  Instantly I was back in the water and in a roil of bubbles popped out onto dry  land.  

My eyes opened from my meditation which lasted no more than a few minutes.  I told my wife about what I had heard.  She gave me that look as if to say, “You see.  I have been trying to tell you that.”  A few days later I told my friend who gave me the instructions about seeing the Rainbow Lady.  He looked me squarely in the eyes and said, “Perfect!”  

I have spent the last few days playing with the idea of Letting Go.  I am trying to let go of feeling the need to control outcomes and I am trying to let go of feelings of fear.  It is not easy to trust but the more I listen to my own intuition and my very intuitive friends and family, I am gaining confidence in the process.  

What are you not “Letting Go” of?