Light that Manipura!


As we wend our way into the season of hibernation, many people start preparing for change.  For some, nearing the winter season means getting ready for holiday celebrations or getting ready for snow.  Winter is supposed to be the time for slowing down and allowing our parasympathetic nervous system to take over and decrease our physiology. In theory, this is the time when our, not-so-distant ancestors, had filled their domiciles with root vegetables, preserves, and cured meats.  This was a time for rest and celebration.

Many of us now find the winter to be just as busy as any time of the year and maybe even more.  From Thanksgiving to New Year’s is a busy season for most people.  While our lives have changed from our early Holocene ancestors, our physiology has not.  With less daylight we feel more sleepy and crave complex carbohydrates.  We should be respecting this natural turn of the season as we ride the elliptical orbit around the sun but many of us try to fight it and hang in there until spring.  

Maybe this time of the year is a good time to light a fire and sew some seeds for the future months.  The third chakra is the manipura and it is located in the belly.  This is the chakra of fire.  Our deepest desires and intuition comes from this beautiful yellow orb of light in our belly.  As we ready for winter, perhaps this is a good time to tune into our manipura and set out intentions for the New Year.  Part of living consciously means we create our lives with intention.  The winter seems like a good time for this work.  As the temperatures drop, take some time to connect with your third chakra.  Place your right hand on your solar plexus and cover it with your left.  Take some nice slow breaths and then began, on your exhalation, to allow the word “Ram” – pronounced as “Raaahm”  to come out.  

As your engaged in this process of exciting your manipura, make an intention.  Perhaps you see yourself, reconnecting with an old friend?  Maybe see yourself forgiving someone?  What about taking a risk in your life?  As your repeat the “Raaahm” mantra, set your intentions free.  Sew the seeds of your intention as your belly fire grows.  Keep this practice in mind this winter and see what your garden produces in the spring.