You are not your flesh and you are not your charming personality

It is easy to be deceived into the notion that you are you because of the colour of your skin, your height, your weight, your wrinkles, your hair, your fat, your teeth, and all the rest of the stuff we see and touch but you are not that.  You are not even your charming personality.  You are not the happy or sad or grumpy person or the person in pain.  You are something much more fascinating.  You are a wave.  You are a vibrating, unique wave of consciousness that is in fact your soul.  Your wave is like nobody else’s.  It has its own fluctuations and perturbations.  It has its own colours and intensities.  It can be assigned a wave or frequency number and this is the number assigned to your soul at the beginning of time.  It never changes.  You may pass from body to body through many lifetimes but you always retain your personal “cell number”.  It never changes.  

Strip down our physical bodies to the smallest parts of matter and we are all made up of essentially six atoms: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus – that’s it.  The forces emanating from these atoms is what produces your unique wavelength.  While most of us will have similar waves produced from these atoms, on a quantum scale, they are significantly different as to give each of us our own unique “soul number”.  When we interact with people and we experience resonance, or not, or harmonize, or not, has nothing to do with our fleshy bits and it has nothing to do with our charming, or less than charming, personalities.  It is the invisible handshake of our soul numbers.  It is literally our waves coalescing in space.  

When we start to see each other as six vibrating atoms producing our unique soul, we realize that we are all one.  Think of the wasted time spent beating our physical bodies into submission.  All the body shaming and judging and prejudging – it is such a waste of time.  You are not your fleshy bits.  Your body is merely the uninteresting vessel containing the fascinating soul that is you.  We are here to have soul to soul experiences.  When we try to see past the flesh and learn to experience the soul of another person, we are introduced into the wondrous world of spirit.  All the pettiness and superficialities drop when we see each other as pure consciousness.    

Next time you are having a very human day, remember your humanness is merely the messy and fallible vessel carrying your amazing spirit.  Call my soul number up sometime – I would love to catch up with you.