Satasangs, Ho’oponopono, and Mindfulness

raindrops splashing in a puddle pool of water uk summerNow that title is a mouthful!  

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there with what exactly mindfulness is.  I teach a forgiveness meditation called Ho’ponopono.  The Hawaiian word essentially means to forgive and reconcile.  In the class we all work together to help each other let go of past pains and loss.  Is there a mindful part to this practice?  YES.  

Tonight, we will be another Satsang series.  What is Satsang, you might ask?  Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning “higher truth”.  A Satsang involves a group of people being led in discussion on a topic of essential truths.  For example, tonight’s Satsang led by Troy and Rhonda is “The Illusion of One Destiny”.  In this Satsang, Rhonda and Troy will discuss the illusion of the ideal of one life partner, one career and one perfect path keeps people chasing and doubting. This discussion is followed by a meditation on the subject.  Is there a mindful part to the practice?  YES.

On Thursday nights, Teresa leads a guided meditation.  As per yogic roots, the meditation is preceded by some gentle asanas to prepare for the meditation.  The meditation is guided which means Teresa will invite participants to follow with their mind a journey towards deep relaxation.  Is there a mindful part to this practice?  YES.

So what is mindfulness then?  Mindfulness is simply using your conscious mind (the boss) to remain focused on a singular event that is in the present.  Our subconscious mind loves to tell stories and invent scenarios.  It is constantly chattering away in the background.  To be mindful doesn’t mean that you are turning off the subconscious chatter but rather your are using your conscious brain to stay focused on something present.  That present moment focus could be monitoring each breath or following a guided meditation script or focusing on a lesson.  It could also mean counting raindrops as they land in a puddle.  As long as you are not passively listening to the chatter but rather dictating what you will notice, you are being mindful.  

Before I leave you with this exquisite little video on how to learn mindful practice, I invite you to come to Satsang with Troy and Rhonda tomorrow and to Meditation with Teresa on Thursday and Ho’oponopono on Sunday.  Let’s practice together improving our skills at turning down the volume of the ever-chatty subconscious.  

See you all tonight!