As the Summer Draws to a Close

As somebody who practices and leads meditation classes and tries to be mindful, I shouldn’t be thinking too much about September but as a business owner, it can’t be avoided.  Summer is a funny season for those of us in the health and wellness industry.  While we see more tourists taking yoga and meditation classes at Ekahi, many of our members take some time in the summer to park regular routines – I get it.  

This being our third official summer at the Ekahi Center, we are starting to get a sense of how things will ebb and flow for everyone from season to season.  This summer has given us a chance to re-focus and get ready for the fall.  We have experienced some changes and we have with intention, created our own.  One thing is certain, Siri and I are always looking at ways to improve the experience for members, supporters, and guests of Ekahi.  We have made some mistakes and look to learn from them and be stronger.  We have received valuable feedback and we take it all to heart.  

Our mission remains: To be a place where people can come home to heal, learn, practice, and share.  

As we get ready for second birthday party on September 10th and 11th, we want to be able to share our love with you. We will be offering free classes.  This is a good to change to bring a friend who has never experienced Ekahi!  We will have some sales and a workshop or two in addition we will have be screening the movie, “Out of the Darkness” which stars our studio and is produced, directed, and stars our yoga instructor – Shri Ananda!  The movie is Saturday, Sept 10th at 7:00 PM.  Please RSVP on our website. This is free by donation for members and $10.00 for non-members.  It is a great local movie.  Check out the trailer: 

September will also see the addition of a couple of new services to Ekahi and the return to our regular schedule. Another exciting announcement is that Debra Sieben will be assuming managerial duties as Siri and I are back teaching at Okanagan College.  Debra has been with us for quite some time and shares our passion for Ekahi and the family. 

A sincere thanks to all of you as we surf the waves of life!  Know that we do intentionally make changes with best practice in mind.  For the waves which we encounter and didn’t expect, thanks for understanding as we adapt and get back on the waves again.  

Mahalo nui loa,

Brett and Siri