“Thank you for welcoming us to your studio and practice.  From the first call to find out about classes to coming in for a try on your first timer introductory 3 class pass, to a go on the Ekahi wave boards for the Warrior Class, we were treated wonderfully.  I like that the classes are colour-coded to help people choose the right level of class.  I hope others get to enjoy the classes this studio has to offer.  Thanks again!”  Emily Zhang.

“One of the very best yoga classes I have ever been to – from Vancouver to Montreal to Ottawa to Calgary and back to Kelowna!  Excellent!”  L. Johnston

“I have practiced in yoga studios across the U.S. and in several foreign countries and have yet to find a better place. Knowledgeable teachers, friendly front desk staff and a warm and welcoming feeling that is unmatched make this studio the perfect place for yoga. Ekahi is a gem in Kelowna and one I will miss when we return home.” LG

“Love it here! The teachers are genuine and thoughtful. I like that they also provide meditation classes. It’s a great community! So glad I joined.” SD

“The Ekahi Center is more than just a place to practice yoga.  It is a feeling; a sense of peace and calm by just walking through the front doors.  The yoga instructors and staff alike are kind and patient, which allows for a safe and accepting environment where I can truly be myself.” Vanessa

“I’m in gratitude every day for Ekahi. 2 years ago this month I walked through the doors. Looking for a safe place to deepen my yoga practice. I wanted to learn more,understand the mind chatter and understand what being in the moment really meant. Over the last 2 years I have changed a lot internally. Not only with my relationship with myself but also with all other relationships in my life.  I have had many amazing teachers and fellow students next to me breathing and in stillness, sharing this journey with me.” Carla Fox

“My new favourite yoga studio. Great schedule, classes and atmosphere. I feel very lucky to be in walking distance so I can go often!” SM

“Really great classes, and a really great concept. I always feel so happy and at peace after a class at Ekahi!” AN

  “I love this yoga studio.  I have tried yoga studios around the world from Capetown to Singapore to Hong Kong and more and the Ekahi Center is one of my favorites.”  Terry Salman

 “I wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical yoga classes at Ekahi. I feel I learned a lot in a short amount of time and I had a blast engaging in yoga poses too (thank you for making learning fun!).  I will highly recommend these classes to my fellow students at UBCO”  Sarah B.