You are not what “matters”

There are only two things in this universe: matter and energy.  All matter is composed of the smallest indivisible (or so they used to) particles called atoms.  This means that everything that is a solid, liquid, or gas is made up of these things.  The only other thing in the universe is energy.  Energy, which has numerous sources, is mainly invisible and travels as a wave through space.  The most amazing part about these two things: atoms and energy is that you cannot destroy or create them.  We can however transform them.  We can take ultraviolet waves from the sun and transform it into kinetic energy or take microwaves and transform their wavelengths into infrared radiation.  Matter and energy must obey the law of conservation of matter and energy.  

In the human body, we are essentially made-up of six atoms: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, and calcium.  Those atoms are the same for everyone.  Some people will have more or less in terms of total number but we still all have the same atoms.  These atoms which form the building blocks of cells, tissues, and organs are held together with energy.  When a person passes away, we often talk about spirit or soul leaving the body.  When a person passes the atoms – those six atoms will eventually change to a different from.  They will not link together as they did before as the energy or spirit leaves.  

While the atoms give us shape, the energy is the essence of the person.  It is what makes you unique.  It forms your Base Frequency.  Energy is your personality, your way of thinking and your way of being.  When the energy leaves the confines of the atomic body, it can travel anywhere at the speed of light.  When a loved one passes, we understandably want to have the same relationship as we had before.  We want to reach out and wrap our arms around them but of course this is not possible.  The liberated spirit however is available.  We must develop a new way of reaching out and connecting.  We must learn to feel using more senses than just the sense of touch.  The spirit can now move though us and connect with us on a much deeper level but we must firstly understand that the energy of the person was not destroyed and that it is now free to move through space at the speed of light.  We need to develop new skills for detecting the spirit of the departed.  They are not gone.  They have transformed.  

Close your eyes…be still…feel using all your senses.  Be present.  They are here and they are everywhere.  You are not alone.